A few things we’ve
stumbled across

The number one mistake that companies make in marketing – is operating on the wrong level of market sophistication (at scale from 1 to 5).

The second, is the failure to understand which channel brings the best performance and gearing more resources towards that channel.

Third, is the understanding of user avatars (yes, it’s most likely plural!) while emphasizing on the correct benefits, features & guarantees for each of them and demanding the correct call to action.

We address the above by first running an in-depth marketing audit. Based on findings we create a step by step marketing plan using significant data insights to establish needs, wants, concerns.

The action plan, as it’ll happen

While setups are still going on, based on the research results we will first define the level of market sophistication.

As the insights are collected at this point from the user survey & various platforms, we will define the customer avatars.

Value propositions, marketing angles, benefits-features-guarantees are defined immediately after. These are to be tested against each-other for market response.

Next we move onto laying a solid foundation for distribution: Email / SMS / Push.

We will start by reviewing your email marketing assets, metrics and we’ll look at the email history. Based on these findings we will create 2 kinds of strategies:

  • autopilot – drip campaigns (on-boarding, abandonament, customer, product recommendations)
  • one-offs – daily, weekly, monthly newsletters & promotions. These are to be optimized on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, we will look into expanding your communication channels through: SMS Marketing, Push


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