If you don’t track it,
don’t do it!

One word: transparency.

Numbers you understand and trust.

We tackle analytics by setting up the right platforms, to their full advanced capabilities that will measure: sessions, custom events, user actions, etc.

A robust set up of all analytics tools and data consistency is ensured and tested at this point. Not one step is made ahead before we can accurately track it.

An in-depth (clean) reporting structure is mutually defined and benchmark KPI values are mutually established.

On a weekly, monthly & quarterly basis we will provide you with a transparent dashboard to monitor all the key metrics of the business.

Monthly growth meetings will be scheduled. Key metrics will be reviewed and action points will be clearly determined.

Getting our hands dirty

We start our analytics work by performing in-depth audits of your existing Analytics setup. Based on this, we are able to create a setup plan that will become the basis of your growth.

We ensure everything that needs to be tracked is being tracked correctly and that all of your tools are set up to their full capabilities, capturing advanced data points (for e.g. Product IDs, Product Prices, Product Descriptions, etc).

Reports & benchmarks will be clearly defined with advanced data points being tracked.

We will be able to clearly identify winners & losers for key aspects of the business. Reports will structured in multiple sections, comprising of:

  • Smart Numbers (i.e. CAC, AOV, CLV, etc.);
  • Business Metrics (i.e. Revenue, Costs, Orders, etc.);
  • Drivers (i.e. Traffic, Channels, Social Media, etc);
  • Activation (i.e. Funnels, Revenue Sources, etc);
  • Acquisition (i.e. Email, Advertising, Google, Facebook – sources further separated per individual channel such as: Search / Display / Remarketing / Social).


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