Traffic Acquisition “philosophy”
as we see it

Acquiring traffic is a pure numbers game where you need to spend money in order to learn. A game of finding out what is NOT performing rather than what IS performing. And there is only one way to find this out – through testing.

Here’s how we usually go about digital advertising campaigns:

  • implement 10;
  • 2 perform well, 8 don’t;
  • pause the losing 8;
  • allocate 40% of the budget to the performing 2;
  • test new angles with the remaining 60%;
  • repeat.

We see traffic like a cocktail – combining all channels (not comparing them!) and understanding behaviors cross-channels, cross-devices and cross-browsers.

What goes inside the cocktail mix?

The following ingredients:

  1. New user acquisition
  2. Existing user monetization
  3. Advanced user engagement (this one’s quite complex and we’ll explain that in detail when we start working together)

The tricky part here is to find out the proportions of those ingredients but once you do – magic happens. You’re on your way to exponential growth.

From our past experience, using this traffic acquisition strategy can result in a 300% increase in transactions & revenue while lowering customer acquisition costs within 6-12 months.

New user acquisition vs Existing user monetization

When acquiring new users for your website / app, we approach it in 2 ways, driving:

  1. Awareness – where we can go more broad, targeting a larger reach through interactive media such as videos or canvas.
  2. Consideration – where we target audience who is most likely to buy your product/ service. We drive direct traffic (link clicks or installs) that converts at the lowest cost possible.

But first, we do our homework by doing an extensive market research and mapping out a strategy where we identify channels that we think will work best for your business. On top of that we create customer avatars and tailor targeting criteria to fit their profile (demographics, interests, affinity). This enables us to reach people with a more personalized and more powerful message offering solution to their problems.

Each initiative requires specific creatives being developed (ad images, ad copy, landing pages, etc.) where copywriting, design, production and/or web implementation resources will be required from your side.

Optimization efforts are done on a regular basis to lower the cost per conversion (such as Signup, Add To Cart, Purchase), while boosting value per conversion.

That’s not all though…

Knowing how to monetize existing users is the key to success.

Reengagement – this is where the bulk of conversions will happen (even up to 75%!). How do we achieve that? Through our strategy where we deploy tactical re-engagement campaigns based on an advanced audience segmentation.

Our underlying objectives are:

  1. Re-engagement: dynamically targeting users by displaying exact same products they have browsed but not added to cart, or added to cart but not purchased;
  2. Recommendations: dynamically up-selling & cross-selling similar products to customers based on their purchase history;
  3. Education: explaining to your audience what are the benefits, features and guarantees of your business;
  4. Specials: incentivizing specific user groups to perform the 1st action or re-engage and perform the 2nd, 3rd action;
  5. Loyalty: getting your users to love your brand by telling them who you are, what your brand story is, what your intentions are, and how you do the things you do, etc.

We consistently do A/B testing for each user segment, focusing mostly on content we provide them with. We identify the best performing strategies and build performance around them.


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