Our take on CRO

We look at the on-site website optimization as an on-going, do-or-die process for business growth.

In our approach to drive continuous improvement we use UX Research, Data Science & good old classic A/B Testing.

Our goal: to improve the conversion rate for each step of your user funnel and boost the average value per visitor.

Qualitative and quantitative research, 100% data driven approach, extensive testing using proven methods. We become an extension of your team, iterating tests weekly.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Our team will identify and map out solutions to each of your site’s “leaking” points, based upon the data collected during our research gathering.

We will create a number of treatments / hypotheses for each key website page (Home Page, Landing Pages, Product Listing Page, Product Page, Checkout Flow).

Since we can’t test everything at once, we rank each hypothesis based on:

  1. The importance of the page (how much traffic it gets and the role it plays in the conversion funnel),
  2. Potential uplift (the number of problems within the page),
  3. The ease of implementation (some great ideas could take months to be implemented).

These treatments will eventually be turned into design screens that will be tested against a control (your current site).

Together with your growth team we will perform controlled A/B testing. Our tests are derived from data-backed hypotheses, and never called early, all external factors are taken into consideration (data pollution, etc).

We aim for a minimum of 95% confidence and upwards. Significant sample size is always in our consideration. (min 1000 visitors, 30 conversions)

Each test will be conducted with primary and secondary goal in mind.

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