Our team

With a shared passion for results, processes and spreadsheets.

If we were to introduce ourselves (over a coffee) we’d say:

We are group of digital growth rascals, internationally recognised with over 200 companies advised, in 30+ markets and over 10 years of experience in the areas of marketing strategy, customer acquisition, conversion rate optimisation and analytics.

We work fully remote with a high degree of commitment towards meeting our clients goals.

Last but not least, we are the ultimate growth hackers of our own selves. Constantly learning and experimenting new digital toys & tactics that empower us to deliver performance for our clients.

Case Study

Google Display Campaign Optimizer – Google’s automated algorithms work! A 484% increase in conversions over five months supports that claim. This, while maintaining the same cost-per-acquisition and growing revenue proportionally.

Google Case Study

Emilian Vasi

Co-Founder, Strategy Boss


Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups. Over the past 7 years he advised 50+ companies, across 20+ markets, with over 30 mil dollars spent in digital – Google, Youtube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram. Sparking ideas, leading teams, organizing events, mentoring startups, driving digital advertising initiatives from scratch to profit – some of the things he crossed off his “checklist” over the years.

Key areas of expertise: marketing strategy, user acquisition, user retention, lead generation, app growth, web optimization and data crunching at its best.


Bruno Araujo, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, iMoney Group

“ … an exceptional digital marketer who allies a strong technical background with a good flair for digital strategy. I was most impressed by his structured and data-driven approach which meant he could adapt his skillset to any digital company and produce impactful results. Highly recommended! “

Chen Way, Strategic Partner Manager, Google

“ … the ultimate go-getter, willing to try any suggestion and test scenarios to see whether things pan out. If they don’t, he can move on to try other scenarios. This is especially crucial in the world of digital marketing. From being meticulous with every experimentation to being structured in all his campaign setups, Emi excels in the world of digital marketing.“

Artem Galimov, Co-Founder, Keyword Tool

“ wide knowledge and great understanding of AdWords, Facebook and other advertising platforms. He always stays ahead of the industry by using the latest features and developments to his advantage. Emilian employs best data mining practices, builds complicated but extremely accurate attribution models and gets the highest returns on investment possible “

Justyna Piotrowska

Co-Founder, Advisor


Growth Hacker in Residence and the Head of the Series A Program at 500 Startups SEA.
10 years experience in digital marketing strategy including: building sales funnels, product launch, conversion rate optimisation, email marketing and content marketing. For 6 years was one of Mindvalley’s entrepreneurial marketing experts in the area of marketing psychology, responsible for launching 3 successful online businesses in less than a year with more than $3M in revenue. In her last few years in Mindvalley responsible for more than 70% of Mindvalley’s revenue that came from business automation. Certified in landing page optimization, email marketing and in the fundamentals of online testing by Marketing Sherpa, and Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula.


Vishal Harnal, General Partner, 500 Startups

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justyna now for over a year at 500 Startups in South-East Asia. She is singular in her talent and ability to execute and has earned the deep industry respect she has as one of the most talented distribution and growth hackers in the region. I’m proud to have her as a colleague and always enthused to work with her.”

Sean Tan, CEO & Co Founder, Applecrumby & Fish

“…A literal fountain of ideas backed by solid experience, every session with Justyna is never the same and always leaves us with more ideas to work and experiment on. Very focused and a fantastic active listener, under her mentorship together with her team, we grew our revenue to 3x under a span of 4 weeks and couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Nicholas Ho, Marketing Strategist, Mindvalley

“…she’s nothing short of high quality both on and off work. I’ve worked with Justyna in countless of projects ranging from million dollar product launches to smaller product promotion and she has consistently demonstrated her ability to generate tangible results. Justyna is a leader, people’s champion, problem solver, learner and best of all a person that truly cares, is always listening and be attentive to others’ need (a rare quality to have).”

Joanna Romanczukiewicz

Partner, Accounts Boss


Account Manager and Advertiser in Residence at Rascal’s Depot. Having 3 years of affiliate marketing experience in the personal development niche Joanna has developed great communication skills. That combined with 2 years of her project management experience in telco industry makes her an amazing account manager.

On top of that she is passionate about online advertising since she first tried it back in 2014. Joanna is now an expert in Google AdWords and Facebook advertising having ran multiple successful campaigns for 4 international brands in North American, European and South-East Asian markets.


Joanna Grudzińska, Head of Paid Customer Acquisition, Mindvalley

“Joanna is the most organised and efficient person I’ve met throughout my career. She has outstanding communication skills – every message she sends is clear and solution-oriented making it easier for team to move forward fast. She also has an incredible ability of prioritising which assures all urgent and important tasks are addressed immediately. “

Khai Yong Ng, Head of Growth, NEXT Academy

“Joanna is a fast learner and is extremely well organized, professional and responsible in her work. She executes and manages her tasks very efficiently with the use of time logging tools and detailed spreadsheets.“

Daniel de Gruijter, Chief Executive Officer, Incitement

“Joanna is a pleasure to work with. I’ve worked on multiple project with her and her positive attitude and effective follow-up make her an incredible co-worker. During crunch times she always stays calm, light headed and comes up with appropriate solutions to the challenges at hand. It’s very reassuring to work with Joanna, I know my projects are in good hands with her.“

Derek Ooi

Partner, Analytics Boss


Lead Analytics Mentor at 500 Startups Durians, with 4 years of experience in data analytics under his belt. Derek has managed the analytics for more than 40 websites and backend platforms with an annual revenue of more than $13 million. Specializing in analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Stressing the importance of Data Driven marketing, he excels in helping businesses to identify essential areas for data collection. This data helps businesses leverage on their existing assets on website or mobile app to supercharge their marketing efforts.

Emily Yoon

Marketing Boss

Former Marketing Manager at Uber and Head of Growth at StoreHub, Emily has had over 7 years of experience building customer-centric marketing strategies for almost every type of business and industry. From charities and social enterprises to early stage startups and large tech companies, Emily has led multiple high-growth teams to grow by more than 100% in acquisition and revenue in short periods of time.

Key expertise include marketing strategy, branding and brand building, content creation, email marketing, conversion rate optimisation.

Emily has some minor qualifications in consumer psychology and behavioural economics from Duke University and has a particular interest in understanding human behaviour, emotions, decision making and mental wellbeing. In her spare time she spends an obscene amount of time having long conversations with people and (still) catches Pokemon.

Elicia Tan

Advertising Boss


Advertising Boss at Rascal’s Depot, Elicia has over 4 years of experience running marketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Bing and DoubleClick. Advised to date 20+ companies (and still counting!) ranging from corporate enterprises to early stage startups to large tech companies. Core specialties lie across tech, finance, retail, beauty & automotive industries. She is passionate about driving digital initiatives that help companies grow.

When she’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find Elicia exploring the world traveling, yoga’ing, playing video games and cuddling with cute dogs (awww).